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You are a witch? 36 signals that you are a witch in your heart and soul

Maybe you are here because you are asking yourself “am I a witch?” If these thoughts are running through your head, there’s a good chance you already are. The first step is to proclaim it. But keep this in mind: being a witch is a lifelong journey of learning and personal growth. It is not a quick fix to life’s problems. It is not easy and it is work. But if you are a witch, you are a witch. And the work involved in learning witchcraft will be fun and rewarding. Without further ado, here are our 35 signs that you are a witch!

“Am I a witch?” 36 signs that you are a witch

If you are truly a witch in your heart and soul, you will most likely have more than one of these signs popping up. Most likely, you will get almost all of them ticked! But never fear. Even if you feel these cues that you are a witch do not suit you, witchcraft can still be learned. It just takes dedication. Refer to the links at the end of this article for steps to start learning the trade.

1. Feel more comfortable outside

Most witches will tell you that they feel an undeniable need to be in nature. They feel more comfortable when they are out. Whether on the beach, in a forest or in their garden, witches are attracted to nature as nature is drawn to them. Perhaps your favorite place as a child was the woods. Or a hidden stream. Perhaps the local cemetery with its old twisted trees and the calm breeze led you to stand outside. This is probably the strongest sign that you are a witch.

2. Animals are attracted to you

Speaking of nature, are you a natural animal person? Do dogs, cats and other pets seem to love you more than others? Maybe you even felt that you could communicate with animals or feel their pain. This is another BIG sign that you are a witch. In years past, I have even had the ability to telepathically “call” wild animals to me. I thought, “I really want to see a moose when I go to Colorado.” And then BOOM, the first day I set foot in Colorado, I see a moose. The same thing happened when I wanted to see a snowy fox. Perhaps it even appears that you have an affinity for sick or injured animals. Do animals seem to come to you for help?

3. People are attracted to you

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re wondering “am I a witch?” instead ask yourself “are people attracted to me?” Do you have random strangers telling you about their personal problems? Do lost children come to you for help finding their parents? It is typical for a witch to attract people who need care and need help in other ways. Why? Because witches deeply feel those in need. We feel a deep compassion and that compassion radiates vibrations to others. Sometimes we may even be like a flame to moths … attracting toxic people with whom we eventually have to cut the strings.

4. You are attracted to the paranormal

Another great sign of being a witch is being drawn to the paranormal. This means that you have had or wish to know or experience ghosts, aliens, cryptids, demons and other paranormal beings. Perhaps as a child you found ghost stories thrilling. Perhaps as an adult you are part of a paranormal investigation team or are addicted to ghost hunting shows on TV. Witches are drawn to the paranormal because we have one foot in this world and one foot in the spirit world. So of course we want to learn more and learn more about spirits of all kinds.

5. You are attracted to the occult

The “occult” means things that are hidden. Themes that go beyond the “norms” of society. As a child or teenager, you may have tried the Ouija board. Maybe now you want to learn how to read tarot cards or to heal with crystals. You attend psychic fairs and find yourself enthusiastic about the occult in general. If that’s you, you might be a witch.

6. A GREAT sign that you are a witch: supernatural experiences

Adding to a witch’s interest in the paranormal, a witch also typically has at least a dozen supernatural experiences in her life. These experiences begin as a child and continue into adulthood, especially if the witch believes in and is connected to the spirit realm. Supernatural experiences are anything from seeing or hearing ghosts to “time travel” (wasting hours of time without any explanation), seeing auras around people or things, encounters with extraterrestrials, and being visited by the deceased or angels.

7. Witches are dreamers

Most of the witches I have known are greedy dreamers. Either they have vivid dreams that date back to their childhood or they are lucid dreamers. This means that you are conscious in some of your dreams. Often witches are lucid natural dreamers and sometimes even astral projectors. If you have had a lot of flying dreams since childhood OR if you have “dreamed” in other people’s dreams, this is one of the signs that you are a witch.

8. You’re a weird guy

You didn’t “fit in” in school. You were the weird type or even an outcast. Maybe you were bullied for being weird. You’re probably still weird. Don’t fight it! This is another great sign that you are a witch. Witches have long been the weird “weird” people in the crowd. They don’t care about adapting, though. Witches are more concerned with learning, experimenting, healing and growing than with adapting to the “norms” of society. So embrace your weirdness!

9. Question everything

People who are followers, who follow what society tells them, are not typically witches. I have found that the wisest people on this planet ask questions. They question everything. Ever since I was a child, I always wondered “why”? Why did God create mosquitoes? Why did God create the Devil if he is omnipotent and omniscient? I often got into trouble over my many questions mainly because I perplexed adults. As an adult, I still ask questions. I want to know the why behind everything. It helps me understand and learn. And it is a quality of a witch.

10. Old in soul, young in heart

Has anyone ever told you that you are an “old soul”? Maybe you have always been wise beyond your years. Yet even though you feel like you’ve been to earth many times, you still feel young at heart. This is a common sign that you are a witch. Make wise decisions and “know” things. But you will also go to play in a puddle with the kiddos, to make mud pies or to jump in a field of flowers. Witches are old in soul but young in heart.

11. Past periods interest you

Since I was a child I have been drawn to the periods of the past. The Victorian era and the Wild West, the 1930s, 1950s and 1970s. I have loved the interior design of the house, the clothing, the music and everything related to the past few decades. Witches are drawn to the past because most of us have lived many lives. We remember those lives in our souls and therefore we are drawn to the things of those lives. Are you a fan of vintage clothing? Old movies? Old houses? You could be a witch …

12. The taboo

Part of the reason you’ve been considered “weird” is your attraction to taboo topics. Witches like to know about things that are “off-limits” to the rest of society, because these things are usually important for us to understand. Maybe you’ve always been curious about death, including going to cemeteries, enjoying a good horror movie, or even real crime movies. Or maybe you are attracted to the “bad” things in life that others avoid. Taboo topics only became taboo when the Church came to power and tried to control the population … keeping them away from their true primal selves.

13. Believe in natural healing

Believe in natural healing methods like herbs, exercise, nutrition, acupuncture, etc. Now, this doesn’t mean that you are against Western medicine (necessarily), just that you believe in the healing power of Mother Earth. Witches have been healing with natural methods since time immemorial … healing means identifying the cause of a problem and solving it. Not just treating the symptoms and masking them.

14. Witches feel the desire to “go home”

Have you ever felt homesick but don’t know why? Is there a desire in your soul to “go home”, but you’re not quite sure where it is? This is a great sign of being a witch because witches feel drawn to the Otherworld. OR in a place where they lived in a past life. Some even feel compelled to go home to the stars … a sign that you too are a star seed. Read more about star seed signs here.

15. You have the physical characteristics of a witch

Sometimes our bodies will give us signs of being a witch. These marks include marks on our palms, eyes that people say look “wise”, birthmarks in symbolic forms, and more! Some of our past life signs follow us in every incarnation. And most of the witches have lived multiple lives … so …

16. Visions

Have you ever had a random image or scene in your mind? And when it happened, did you have no idea what it meant? Or maybe you did. But in any case, you have visions of things that have happened in the past or will happen in the future. This is a sign that you are a witch and have clairvoyance and / or clairvoyance skills. I think everyone is born with abilities, it’s just that disbelief makes us forget. Witches do not forget and are often in tune with the earth and the energies that surround them.

17. Prophetic dreams

To learn more about being a dreamer, you may have had prophetic dreams. Or have them often. These are dreams that herald the future. Sometimes they’re not that funny. Sometimes they are good. Either way, you are tapping into the spirit world and you are being shown the events to come during your dream.

18. Empathy

As a child they used to tell you “you are too sensitive”. And as an adult, it seems like you can actually feel the emotions of others. Sometimes you feel their pain, physically or emotionally. This goes beyond sympathy and compassion, it enters the realm of empathy. You may be clairaudience (clarity) and / or empathetic. Many witches are empathic and clairaudience.

19. Listen to the voices

You hear voices. Sometimes they are inaudible, sometimes they are clear as a bell. But they are not side effects of a psychological illness … they are manifestations of your clairaudience (clear hearing) skills. This means that you listen to spirits, angels, elementals, and you may even hear people’s thoughts. (Side note: If you hear threatening voices and have never been evaluated by a psychologist, do so.)

20. Phantom perfumes

Along the same lines as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairaudience, if you smell scents of “ghost” scents, you could be a witch. A ghost perfume is an aroma that seems to come out of nowhere. And it can’t be explained by logical reasoning. For example, when my mom and I visited Savannah, Georgia, we walked into an old historic part and smelled a stable. We both said it at the same time and looked around. There were no horses, no farms, no hay, nothing. We literally smelled the past! Horses were once kept in that area hundreds of years ago.

21. Spirits visit your dreams

Another aspect of dreaming for witches is being visited by the people in our dreams. Sometimes people who are still alive visit us, or we visit them. OR we have visits from past ancestors or loved ones. Even more test witches are connected with the spirit world and the astral plane.

22. Sleep paralysis

Have you ever felt paralyzed in bed? You woke up and you may have seen spirits, monsters, etc. around you or holding you still? This is called sleep paralysis and is experienced by people who are connected to the spirit realm AND are natural astral travelers. If you’re still wondering, “I’m a witch” and experience this plus other signs, you probably are, my friend!

23. Astrology

I grew up in a small town with evangelical Christians around me, so I didn’t have much exposure to the occult. HOWEVER, whenever there were horoscopes in the paper, I ate them! I also remember going to eat at a local Chinese restaurant and they had Chinese zodiac animals on the placemats. Something about astrology really attracted me. Witches have looked at the sky, stars and constellations since ancient times and still do!

24. Attracted by “other” religions

While there are witches in every religion, one sign of being a witch is being curious about other religions outside of your own. Particularly esoteric or ancient religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, paganism, etc. If you followed world religions in school, you may have felt a strong interest in religions outside the Abrahamic umbrella (Islam, Christianity and Judaism). Witches have a curiosity for older religions because many of the older religions once again accepted wise men and women over newer religions (i.e. the Church and the witch trials in the Dark Ages). Furthermore, older religions are more inclined to recognize the sacred and (sometimes) less dogmatic feminine.

25. Deja Vu

Have you ever been somewhere for the first time but have you felt like you’ve been there before? Or maybe you had a conversation with someone and swore you had the same conversation before. Deja vu is common among witches and falls within the realm of precognition or potentially past or parallel lives.

26. Signs that you are a witch: strong intuition

That gut feeling that tells you not to get in the car and then the car crashes that night. It is your intuition that speaks. Always listen to it. You will NOT miss it. One sign that you are a witch is having that strong intuition that has saved you or others in multiple situations. This goes beyond clairvoyance and clairvoyance, this is our connection with our primal instincts.

27. See beauty where others don’t

You roll your eyes every day. You marvel at the beauty of the swaying trees or the little flowers that bloom. Yet everyone around you stares blankly at the road ahead of them. They seem to be on a hamster wheel of life, while you are here smelling the roses. Witches see beauty in places, things and people when everyone else around them doesn’t. It is because we know the earth is magical. And WE are magical.

28. Relaxed and altered states

Many witches have the ability to change their consciousness at will … and sometimes without realizing it. Achieving an alpha state (or relaxed shifted state) is sometimes easier for witches because we have one foot in this world and one foot in the spirit world. We are naturally able to cross that line or “lift the veil” which comes along with altered states of consciousness. Have you ever found yourself in a heavy state of relaxation while everyone around you was hyperactive or alert? You may be a witch if you can enter deep relaxation or an altered state of consciousness more easily than others. A bit like a cat.

29. Attracted by the moon, sun and stars

I know many witches who worship the moon. They do their magic based on the phases of the moon and really resonate with all things moon. To me, I’m a solar witch. I NEED the sun to make me feel energized, complete and happy. If you feel connected to the moon, sun and stars you could be a witch.

30. Struck by toxins

Some witches notice that they are more severely affected by toxins than others. I believe this is due to the fact that as we vibrate at higher frequencies, we connect to the divine and the earth, the negative things that are of lower vibrations no longer “jive” with our bodies. This means that eating processed foods full of chemicals, smoking cigarettes or vaporizers, drinking alcohol, recreational drugs, etc. They could make you feel MUCH worse than before. Or worse for you than the other people around you. This means it is time to surrender and vibrate higher!

31. Crowded places make you feel weird

After the pandemic, I have noticed that whenever I go out in public, I feel dizzy or lightheaded. I feel like I’m being overstimulated or having sensory input overload. But then, after I leave, I almost immediately get a headache. The energy from certain places and from certain people is just too much for me. I will have to retrain on how to effectively protect and not absorb energy from others. If that’s you too, you might be a witch.

32. “Am I a witch?” Well, are you a BIG BUFF in history?

I have an insatiable appetite for history, archeology and everything from the ancient to the medieval past. I’ve always had a love of history, since I was a child. History was my favorite lesson (beside English, because, well … I’m a writer.) If you like reading history books on witch trials, past pagan cultures, Greek mythology, etc. etc., this is a sign that you are a witch. Also, if you have a degree in history, archeology or anthropology, you may be a witch. One of my best friends, who is also a witch, has a degree in anthropology. Shout to you, girl!

33. Witch and fantasy movies

One of the first ways I knew I wanted to be a witch was because I loved fantasy and witch movies so much as a child. My favorites were Hocus Pocus, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Lord of the Rings, The Crafts and Practical Magic. I can’t get enough of fantasy, especially when it involved or featured witches as the main characters. If you’ve found yourself wanting to be Winifred Sanderson or Sally Owens, you’re one of many witches.

34. Dragons, mermaids and fairies Oh my!

Continuing our fantasy and mythical themes, if you are a witch you may have always been interested in mythical creatures. Dragons, mermaids, unicorns and fairies are just a few. Maybe you had dragon figurines in your room or you enjoyed playing a fairy board game as a kid. Maybe as an adult you are obsessed with mermaids. This is a common trait of witches! Witches work in magical realms … and often these “mythical” creatures are very real in other spiritual realms.

35. Witches are daydreamers

Has anyone ever told you that your head was in the clouds? Or that you dream too much? Yet another sign of being a witch because you have the ability to enter other states of consciousness. Having a vivid imagination is a great feature to have – it means you can visualize things easier and then they manifest more easily! Mind is a powerful thing.

36. Think, then manifest

Remember that time when you really needed the money to pay your bills but didn’t know where they would come from? Then did you remember that your old friend owed you a couple of hundred euros but didn’t pay you back? A week later, you find a check from your old friend in the mail. Whoa! How did you do? Witches think and manifest themselves.

I think I’m a witch, WHAT NOW?

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